Our Vision

Our vision is to provide people an opportunity to gain quality food making soils fertile and safe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make soils fertile and healthy, sustainable as long as possible.

  • Members of our team involved in fertilizer market.

  • Formation of Agrofertrans Limited

  • Member of International Fertilizer Industry Assosiation (IFA)

  • Member of Grain and Feed TRade Assosiation (GAFTA)

  • Exclusive supplier of raw material for producer «Granmax», Lithuania and exclusive distributor of its granular ammonium sulphate

  • Strategic partnership with Belarus Potash Company

  • Shareholder of granular ammonium sulphate producer «Belagrofert», Belarus

Countries with Office

Countries with Agent Network

Sales countries

Tons of Fertilizers we have delivered since 2002

Turnover - 1600 000 tons
Turnover - 400 000 000$
Repeatable sales - 98%
Market share of AS in Turkey - 40%
Market share of China export of AS - 20%

Agrofertrans Ltd is a multinational company specialized in fertilizers and fertilizer raw material trading, production and distribution. We have wide network of professionals, sourcing products to 5 continents. Our main products are Ammonium Sulfate, Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, MOP, MAP, DAP, NPK, water soluble fertilizers and specialties.
Agrofertrans has strong international team with many years of experience in field of fertilizers and raw materials. Global network of our operation and deep reach into regional and national markets enable us to build strong and long term partnership, reaching the highest level of loyalty – 98% of our sales are repeatable.